I have friends but feel like no friends at all ! No person who can understand what I think ! I hate the current situation ! I want to like the first ! They never know how disappointed I was with what that they do ! Do these friends ? I like such a fool that is often busy with their daily tasks and I am left alone :( 

I have a friends but she was like flint ! I would not believe her words ! He posed the temple well before me but instead she stabbed me at the back ! What the hell ! She is not my friend ! What kind of friends is it ? She has changed a lot ! She turned into a girl badly ! I have started crap and hurt to see her behavior ! I feel like going to find new friends . I need a friend who could really understand me .

Sorry if you feel the words I said . Im just saying the truth and I want you to know what I think . I feel very lonely . You two have not even have time to be with me . You two are often busy with work and I left as waste . I thank you for this kind :) Please think right , imagine what it feels like when it is quiet and stay right by my own . I want the first situation where you both are with me !  Not like now ! Please think about it .

P/S : If you read this entry , I hope you will understand what Im feeling right . 

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